Children's gallery of paintings for the rule:

  1. Advance payment - 40 GEL
  2. Payment Artists Guild account - Non-cash
  3. There should be - a child's first and last name and a gallery of children's drawings.
  4. The payments for the site menu, the graph of the contact, the e-mail. Mail to send the following information:
  • the child's name and age.
  • the child's drawings of high-quality photos - 10 pieces.
  • to view the performance of the year.
  1. After all the baby pictures, posted on the site in 1-3 days.
  2. Any question contact me: Mob. 5 99 709 757 or e-mail.


Pictures of children removed from the site after June 1 - the previous season's winners of the award and before the start of the new fashion collection

Artists Guild is a professional artists' Club, which aims to help members of the guild of artists bring to the realization of their art and the creative experience to widen.

Artists Guild offers Web usage, which has 2 main functions:

Function 1: Information.

• Guild web page offers its members international plein airs, symposiums and exhibitions, both in Georgia and abroad. Information will be posted on the site and will be equally available to all members of the Guild. • Guild web site will contain interesting art expo links, art markets and many interesting information for the artists. • Guild web site, the Guild members will be created for the individual artist page. • individual artist page to locate the copyright of the works ofotos, artist photos and a short CV. • work on the set size, equipment and price 10 ph

Function 2: Commercial

• individual artist's web site will be set all the artwork and the artist's price Contact: Mob. Number and e-mail - hence, a potential buyer will be able to communicate directly to the author, the work and the price of the sale agreement - the value of 100% will be sold to the author.

Guild partner - the insurance company "Ardi" Guild offers members of the artists:

• 22 monthly health insurance packages - 10 GEL - called "Picasso" • This service pack will be launched, after the first 100 collected artist, who will have to take and insured for 10 GEL package "Picasso".

Annual membership fee - 80 GEL - are transferred to the account specified by the Guild.

Guild's Facebook page will also be established, with all the members of the guild will be able to question / answer mode communication, as the head of the Guild, as well as with each other.


Becoming a member of Art Guild for foreign artists costs 65 USD or 65 EU.