Painter, poet, art critic
(1964 - 1994)


Born on February 7, 1964 in Samtredia.
1986 graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Art History.
Since 1986 and up until to his death (1994) was employed at the Giorgi Chubinashvili Institute of Georgian Art. Was member of the scientific staff of the institute.

Participation: 1988-1990 Symposiums, International Workshops, International Festivals „MASI”, „BIAF”, ( Bakuriani, Narva, Palanga, Senezh, Paris, Barcelona )

Since 1989 -member of the editorial board of the magazine “Literature and Art”
Since 1990 - board member of the Association of Art Critics
1991 - Françoise Frederick Gallery, Cologne

Published 30 scientific works. Participated (during the life and posthumously) in up to 40 exhibitions. Among them 12 personal exhibitions were organized in Georgia and abroad (Tbilisi, New York, Marburg) after his death.

Died in 1994 because of aneurism (hemorrhage).

1997 _ Karlo Kacharava was posthumously awarded Giorgi Chubinashvili State Award for input in the development of the Georgian art criticism.
2006 _ Karlo Kacharava’s works in two volumes
2012 _ Karlo Kacharava, Album
2012 _ Selected Poems “100 Poems”
2012 _ Goethe Institut Georgien published facsimile of Karlo Kacharava’s Cologne Diaries
2014 _ collection of poems „Monologue“
2014 _ „Angel for Travelers“, Diaries
2014 _ Goethe Institut Georgien published bilingual album “Karlo and Germany” (Georgian – German)

Lika Kacharava

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